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Fusion Shack is a home grown digital & creative agency. We create beautiful, clean and bespoken websites that are SEO driven. Depending on the particular niche, we would spend hours working on designs and layouts that are best-suiting for it.

At Fusion Shack we work at our full potential to be thought leaders and visionaries in the web design world. Whether it has occured to you or not, mobile web browsing has surpassed desktop browsing in popularity.

“Dream big, work hard and surround yourself with love.”

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Having a website, be it for marketing and/or profitable purposes, there is always a main intention for it. Getting a website up and running may not be an issue for some, however for most (even companies) branding and positioning themselves the right way which allows them to stand on the same level as their competitors, may occur tedious for some. Hence, by engaging us we shall strive to make your aim our ultimate goal.Our strategies shall be the fuel that sky rockets your brand image to the next level.


If you are building a website on your own or if a web designer is building it for you, you will need a server to host your domain name. Fusion Shack will enable you to host an unlimited amount of domain names onto our reseller's hosting account. Therefore, you will save up a lot from purchasing the hosting server yourself. What more, we will manage your server from our end. For example; if your website is down, you won't need to worry because we will take care of your websites and get it resolved in no-time.


After years of experimenting and split-testing different themes, designs and positioning of elements in a website, we know what converts best. We will purchase all the required licenses to make your web design the most effective it can be. Just give us clarity on how you may want your website to be, and we will do our very best to fulfill it. In the event you may not intend to delve into the aspects of designing on your own, then leave the creativeness to us. With assurance, even for existing clients, we will out-stand your competitors.

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